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Table 5 The questions provided to the subjects in each situation

From: Monitoring system for the effective instruction based on the semi-automatic evaluation of programs during programming classroom lectures

20 min How many students worked on exercise ex7? How many students worked on each step in exercise ex7?
Who worked on ex1 or ex2?
40 min Who worked the fastest on the exercise? Check the student program and tag the student.
Who had poor programming skills? You may use the search function in the student annotation database.
60 min Who was the student who needed special attention? What was the step progress of the student?
How many students worked on step1 in ex5? Assess whether you needed to provide instruction to all of the students or specific students.
80 min How many students finished exercise ex7? Assess whether there is a need to teach a catch-up class. If so, what would be the exercise in the catch-up class?