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Table 3 Validity analysis results of the revised Computer Game Attitude Scale

From: The effectiveness of using in-game cards as reward

Item Factor
1 2 3 4
Factor 1: confidence
 A12: I am the guy who understands and plays computer games well. 0.871    
 A13: I am a skilled computer game player. 0.838    
 A11: Playing computer games is easy to me. 0.818    
 A10: I am good in playing computer games. 0.786    
 A14: After installing computers, I can also install and setup other required software for specific computer game. 0.540    
Factor 2: liking
 A2: I feel comfortable while playing computer games.   0.750   
 A6: I am in good mood while playing computer games.   0.730   
 A8: I usually play computer games after I finish a course exam.   0.683   
 A7: Playing computer games is part of my life.   0.633   
 A1: I agree with the instructor to use computer games as part of the course.   0.602   
 A9: When I have free time, I play computer games.   0.594   
Factor 3: Learning
 A17: Playing computer games enhances my imagination.    0.814  
 A16: Playing computer games makes me have better coordination on eyes and hands.    0.713  
 A18: Playing computer game improves my typing skill.    0.666  
 A15: I get more involved in the course after I play the educational game.    0.520  
Factor 4: Behavior
 A4: I keep the question in my mind if I have a pending quest/question/mission in the computer game.     0.811
 A3: I am very interested in solving quests/questions/missions in computer games.     0.675
 A5: I keep finding the solution if I have a quest/question/mission which I cannot solve in the computer game.     0.663
Eigenvalue 7.572 1.918 1.355 1.100
% of variance 42.065 10.655 7.528 6.112
Overall α = 0.914, total variance explained is 66.360%