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Table 6 Productive value action of students interacting with revised MIC-O-MAP

From: MIC-O-MAP: a technology-enhanced learning environment for developing micro-macro thinking skills

Action PVA ratio of learners in cycle 2 PVA ratio of learners in cycle 1 (from TableĀ 3) Improvements of learner interactions with revised MIC-O-MAP
Attempting to establish a micro-macro link in justification 0.8 0.41 Learners make more successful attempts of establishing micro-macro link and show more instances of making an informed prediction based on a justification
Engage in sense-making by answering question prompts 1.09 0.58 Fewer instances of learners quitting MIC-O-MAP activities half-way
Engage in sense-making by careful observation of simulation 0.54 0.227 More instances of learner acting on feedback provided on their responses