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Table 1 Participant’s Overall Final Course Layout

From: Understanding STEM teacher learning in an informal setting: a case study of a novice STEM teacher

Date Game element Graphic design topics covered Coding/SCRATCH topics covered Other topics covered
21/02/2018 2D character designed in Gravit Drawing shapes, coloring, different selection tools, layers, editing path, etc. Simple looks codes (costumes), sounds (say), control (wait), events (green flag or if x key is pressed), etc. Imagination, problem solving, reasoning
28/02/2018 2D character designed in Piskelapp and 3D character in Magicavoxel Piskelapp: drawing shapes, symmetric drawing, cut/copy/paste, gif, etc.
Magicavoxel: different brushes (attach, erase, and paint for each), eye dropper, templates, canvas size, etc.
Simple motion codes (moving, go to), More complicated controls (if/then, repeat), etc. Collaboration, problem solving, reasoning, perspective taking/empathy
07/03/2018 Background designed in MyPaint with a graphic tablet Shortcut keys on tablet, different brushes, pressure sensitivity, tracing images, layers, scrap page, etc. Similar to first two sessions plus variables and clones Tracing/modeling, problem solving, reasoning
21/03/2018 Character (picture of themselves in SCRATCH) Understanding the green screen concept, using magic wand and eraser in SCRATCH to cut their own picture out Modifying existing codes, repeat until, operators, more complicated looks, sound, and motion codes Imagination, bodily expression, mathematics