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Table 1 Contexts of the studies

From: Using Cultural Historical Activity Theory to understand how emerging technologies can mediate teaching and learning in a mathematics classroom: a review of literature

Authors Geographical location Purpose Research question
Beatty and Feldman (2012) Not specified Explore teachers’ pedagogical change through a professional development assessment program Not specified
Hardman (2015) South Africa Examining pedagogical variations using a computer mathematics software How does, and across what dimensions, pedagogy potentially alter with the introduction of computer software into grade 6 mathematics classes?
Hardman (2007) South Africa Investigating pedagogy in a classroom Not specified
Huang and Lin (2013) Taiwan Modeling a mathematics activity (experiment) for teaching addition and subtraction of integers Not specified
Naidoo (2017) South Africa Explore the use of AT for the teaching and learning of mathematics Not specified
Trust (2017) USA Examine the network of sociocultural factors in a professional development network, Edmodo Math Subject Community How is the process of seeking and sharing knowledge shaped by the sociocultural elements within a peer-to-peer professional development network?
Zevenbergen and Lerman (2007) Australia Understand the tensions in the practice of teaching with interactive whiteboards Not specified