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Table 11 Items of the STEM Learning Strategy (SLS) Questionnaire

From: Direction of collaborative problem solving-based STEM learning by learning analytics approach

Factor Item
Organizing Q1: I compile short summaries of the most important contents as a mnemonic aid.
Q2: I go over my notes and structure the most important points.
Q3: I compile a summary of the main ideas out of my notes, the script, or other sources.
Elaborating Q4: I think of practical applications of new concepts learned from science lessons.
Q5: I try to relate new knowledge or theories to knowledge or theories I already know.
Q6: I think of practical examples for certain curricular facts.
Repeating Q7: I imprint the subject matter from the lecture on my memory by repeating it.
Q8: I read my notes several times in a row.
Q9: I commit rules, technical terms, or formulas to memory.
Effort Q10: Whenever I have planned a certain workload, I make an effort to master it.
Q11: I make an effort even though the subject matter may not suit me well.
Q12: I do not give up even though the problem is very difficult and complex.
Attention Q13: When learning science, I am lacking in concentration.
Q14: I am easy to distract when learning science.
Q15: My concentration does not last very long.
Time management Q16: I work on pre-learning according to a schedule.
Q17: I fix the hours I spend on pre-learning in a schedule.
Q18: We work on group work according to a schedule.
Learning environment Q19: I want to learn science in a place that makes it easy to concentrate.
Q20: I want to learn science in a place that makes it easy to find everything.
Q21: When I learn science, I have the most important papers within reach.
Peer learning Q22: I work on tasks together with my peer students.
Q23: I take time to discuss the subject matter with other students.
Q24: When I am not sure about something I ask a fellow student for advice.
Using references Q25: I search for explanatory material if certain facts are not completely clear.
Q26: I look for missing information from different sources, e.g., the Internet, textbooks, or journals.
Q27: When my notes are incomplete, I use additional sources.