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Table 2 Questionnaire

From: Towards a motivational design? Connecting gamification user types and online learning activities

Relation to user type and motivationGamification mechanicsQuestion*
(1) Socializer (So)—relatednessSocial Discovery/Network (So1)I like to interact with others online.
Guilds/Teams (So2)I like to achieve something together with others.
Social Pressure (neg.) (So3)I always make sure to look good in front of others.
Social Pressure (pos.) (So4)I am more motivated, when others watch me doing something.
(2) Free Spirit (FS)—autonomyCreativity (Tools) (FS1)I am creative and like to create and design things.
Exploration (FS2)I often spend a lot of time trying out things.
Easter Eggs (FS3)It gives me special pleasure when I can discover hidden clues or allusions in a matter.
Branching Choices (FS4)I like to choose from many possibilities.
(3) Achiever (A)—competenceLevel/Progression (A1)I like to see steady progress in the things I do.
Learning/New Skills (A2)I am thirsty for knowledge and like to continue my training.
Quests (A3)I like to work out things step by step.
Unlockables/Rare Content (A4)It motivates me to work towards a particular objective or option.
(4) Philanthropist (Ph)—purposeCare-Taking (Ph1)It makes me happy when I am able to help others.
Sharing Knowledge Ph2)I like to share my knowledge with others.
Purpose/Meaning (Ph3)Things are important to me that have a deeper meaning or benefit for the common good.
Collect and Trade (Ph4)I enjoy collecting certain items (e.g., records, stamps, comics).
(5) Player (P)—rewardsLeaderboards/Ladders (P1)I often try to be the best in what I do.
(Virtual) Economy (P2)I weigh my actions objectively, so I always know how much I invest and what I have to get.
(Physical)Rewards/Prizes (P3)When I participate in something, I focus on results and rewards.
Badges/Achievements, Certificates (P4)It makes me especially proud when I receive a certificate or award for a performance.
  1. *Questions were based on Diamond et al. (2015), Korbas (2015), and Marczewski (2015)