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Table 4 A person-centered perspective of the results (user types 1–5)

From: Towards a motivational design? Connecting gamification user types and online learning activities

Gamification user type and its motivation (step 1)Associated gamification mechanic* (step 2)Associated online learning activity* (step 3)
(1) Socializer—relatednessSocial Discovery/Network (So1)Forum, Peer Assessment, Task, Tutorial, Wiki
Guilds/Teams (So2)Peer Assessment, Wiki
Social Pressure, pos. (So4)Peer Assessment
(2) Free Spirit—autonomyExploration (FS2)Quiz
(3) Achiever—competenceLevel/Progression (A1)Tutorial, Wiki
Learning/New Skills (A2)Wiki
Unlockables/Rare Content (A4)Tutorial
(4) Philanthropist—purposeCare-Taking (Ph1)Tutorial
Sharing Knowledge (Ph 2)Forum, Peer Assessment, Wiki
Purpose/Meaning (Ph3)Tutorial
(5) Player—rewards(Virtual) Economy (P2)Task
  1. *Data analysis showed significant correlations (p < .05, two-tailed)