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Table 1 Summary of the reviewed studies

From: Research trends in measurement and intervention tools for self-regulated learning for e-learning environments—systematic review (2008–2018)

No.Article referenceSRL measurement methodLearning environmentType of data collectedInstrument used to collect dataAnalysis method
1Alharbi, Henskens, & Hannaford, 2014Self-report questionnaire and learning analyticsPersonalized learning object systemLog data and self-reportLearning system logs and questionnaireANCOVA
2Arnold & Pistilli, 2012Learning analyticsLMSLog dataLearning system logsPearson correlation coefficient and chi-square
3Azevedo et al., 2009Learning analyticsMetaTutorLog dataLearning system logsNot specified
4Barnard, Lan, To, Paton, & Lai, 2009Self-report questionnaireNot specifiedSelf-reportOSLQConfirmatory factor analysis
5Chaves-Barboza, Trujillo-Torres, Antonio López-Núñez, & Sola-Martínez, 2017Self-report questionnairePLESelf-reportQuestionnairePearson correlation coefficient and ANOVA
6Chen, 2009Self-report questionnairePLESelf-reportQuestionnaireANOVA and t test
7Cho & Shen, 2013Self-report questionnaireLMSSelf-reportMSLQPearson correlation coefficient and chi-square
8Cho & Cho, 2017Self-report questionnaireNot specifiedSelf-reportOSRQExploratory factor analysis (EFA)
9Cicchinelli et al., 2018Self-report questionnaire and learning analyticsLMSSelf-report and log dataMotivational Beliefs and Self-Regulation Strategies (MBSRS) and learning system logsPearson correlation coefficient
10Davis, Chen, Jivet, Hauff, & Houben, 2016Learning analyticsMOOCLog dataLearning system logsA/B testing
11Dawson et al., 2015Learning analyticsMOOCLog dataLearning system logsNot specified
12Delen et al., 2014Self-report questionnaire and learning analyticsMOOCSelf-report and log dataSelf-Regulation Strategy Inventory (SRSI)Pearson correlation coefficient
13Gaupp, Fabry, & Körner, 2018Self-report questionnaireLMSSelf-reportQuestionnairePearson correlation coefficient
14Hashemyolia et al., 2015Self-report questionnaireLMSSelf-reportMSLQt tests and standard deviation
15Jansen, van Leeuwen, Janssen, & Kester, 2017Self-report questionnaireMOOCSelf-reportSelf-regulated Online Learning Questionnaire (SOL-Q)Exploratory factor analysis and confirmatory factor analysis
16Kizilcec, Pérez-Sanagustín, & Maldonado, 2016Self-report questionnaireMOOCSelf-reportQuestionnaireCovariate- adjusted OLS regression analyses
17Kizilcec et al., 2017Self-report questionnaireMOOCSelf-reportQuestionnaireRegression coefficient
18Lee & Recker, 2017Learning analyticsLMSLog dataLearning system logsMeans
19Lee, 2008Self-report questionnaireLMSSelf-reportQuestionnaireConvergent validity analysis and correlation of latent variables
20Müller & Seufert, 2018Self-report questionnaireNot specifiedSelf-reportMSLQ and LISTMeans, ANOVA, and standard deviation
21Nussbaumer, Hillemann, & Albert, 2015Self-report questionnaire and learning analyticsLMSLog data and self-reportLearning system logs and questionnaireMean, standard deviation, and median
22Onah & Sinclair, 2017Self-report questionnaireMOOCSelf-reportModified-OSLQMeans
23Rodriguez Groba, Vázquez Barreiros, Lama, Gewerc, & Mucientes, 2014Learning analyticsLMSLog dataLearning system logsNot specified
24Siadaty, 2016Learning analyticsMOOCLog dataLearning system logsRegression analysis
25Song, Kalet, & Plass, 2011Self-report questionnaireNot specifiedSelf-reportSelf-Regulation Measure for Computer-based learning (SRMC)Regression analysis
26Winne & Hadwin, 2013Learning analyticsWeb-based applicationLog dataLearning system logsNot specified
27Yamada et al., 2017Self-report questionnaire and learning analyticsNot specifiedLog data and self-reportMSLQt test, means, and standard deviation
28Yen et al., 2016Self-report questionnairePLESelf-reportOLSQt test and regression analysis
29Zarouk & Khaldi, 2016Learning analyticsLMSLog dataLearning system logsNot specified
30Zhao Li Chen, Zhao, & Chen, 2016Self-report questionnaireWeb2.0 technologySelf-reportDistance learners’ self-regulated learning ability self-rating scaleANOVA, t test, and means