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Table 2 SRL measurement tools that also acted as intervention tools

From: Research trends in measurement and intervention tools for self-regulated learning for e-learning environments—systematic review (2008–2018)

NoReferenceSRL measurementType of interventions provided
FeedbackHintPromptS/W agentDescription
1Azevedo, Witherspoon, Chauncey, Burkett, & Fike, 2009YesYesNoYesYesMetaTutor is an environment that enhances SRL for biology students
2Barnard, Lan, To, Paton, & Lai, 2009YesYesNoNoNoInterventions from lecturers based on the analytics via email
3Cho & Shen, 2013YesYesYesYesNoUses an offline survey to get feedback on learners level of satisfaction in using the system—use of dashboard visualization
4Dawson, Joksimović, Kovanović, Gašević, & Siemens, 2015YesYesYesNoNoUses learner analytics to provide learner feedback through dashboard
5Delen, Liew, & Willson, 2014YesYesNoNoProSOLO softwareSoftware used to unravel learner autonomy
6Onah & Sinclair, 2017YesYesNoNoYesLearning analytics tracker that provide different learning methodologies to learners not too specific to SRL strategies
7Siadaty, 2016YesYesNoNoSoftLearn toolNot specified
8Winne & Hadwin, 2013YesYesYesYesNoSRL support inform of hints that guide students on what activity to do next