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Table 2 Data extract, with codes and identified theme and subthemes

From: Scripting as a pedagogical method to guide collaborative writing: university students’ reflections

Data extract Coded for Theme Sub-theme
‘We ended up not switching the roles. There are a couple of reasons behind this. We started the process a little late because of group merging. At the first meeting, we didn’t feel ready to switch. At the time of the next meeting, we had so many other courses causing workloads that we felt better not to cause more stress. Because of our different writing and reference styles, we found it difficult to produce text together. Most of the text we produced individually and later combined’. ‘Not followed the script’
‘Not rotated’
‘Difficulties in group merging’
‘Script-based working as stressful method’
‘Different writing and referencing styles’
‘Difficulties to produce text together’
‘Separate writing’
‘Produced text individually’
‘Produced text individually’
‘Combined text later’
Separate writing approach ‘Difficulties in grouping’
‘Difficulties to produce text together’