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Table 1 Type of proposition error

From: Collaborative concept mapping with reciprocal kit-build: a practical use in linear algebra course

Type of error Description and example Minus point
Fatal error The students did not draw an essential link between the two nodes.
The students created a wrong definition, e.g., the vector was defined as a directed line segment; the domain and codomain were linked to the inner product space/general vector space, not to the function; a vector space was defined as a subspace of an inner product space.
− 10
Moderate error The students connected a partially incorrect relation, e.g., the measurement-related nodes were connected to the vector and not to the inner product function; the axiom-related nodes were connected to the inner product space, not to the inner product function. − 5
Minor error The students described partially incorrect linking words, but the relation was correct, e.g., a “must” word was not included when defining a relation to the axioms. − 2