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Table 2 Closed-ended item categories

From: Collaborative concept mapping with reciprocal kit-build: a practical use in linear algebra course

Context (category) Item code Left Right Scale
KB for expressing ideas/understanding of learning materials ExpIdea_A Annoying Enjoyable Attractiveness
ExpIdea_S Inferior Valuable Stimulation
ExpIdea_P Complicated Easy Perspicuity
KB for information elicitation from the group partner Elicit_A Annoying Enjoyable Attractiveness
Elicit_S Inferior Valuable Stimulation
Elicit_P Complicated Easy Perspicuity
KB for understanding the ideas of the partner Understand_A Annoying Enjoyable Attractiveness
Understand_S Inferior Valuable Stimulation
Understand_P Complicated Easy Perspicuity
KB for discussion with the support of visualization (figure) of the concept map differences Discuss_A Annoying Enjoyable Attractiveness
Discuss_S Inferior Valuable Stimulation
Discuss_P Complicated Easy Perspicuity
KB for integrating ideas in a group Integrate_A Annoying Enjoyable Attractiveness
Integrate_S Inferior Valuable Stimulation
Integrate_P Complicated Easy Perspicuity