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Table 2 Framework for privacy design, development cycles and levels

From: Making context the central concept in privacy engineering

Development cycle 1st 2nd 3rd
Key aspect Context (semantic development) Trusted processes (organisational development) Proof of concept (technical development)
Policy/legal level (Not included) What trust regime would integrate all interoperability levels? How to engage policy level in development?
Organisational level Process idea: Privacy as negotiation expressed in data sharing policies and executed by smart contracts. ML plays role in relieving the user of privacy tasks. What process integrates institutional and company privacy policies, data sharing policies, and executable scripts regulating data streams? What role will ML play? What application scenarios could change current practice without jeopardising the CI approach?
Semantic level Privacy decisions triggered by events activating contextual knowledge. Data sharing policy. Any new concepts needed? Any new concepts needed?
Technical level Modular application scenario How to orchestrate a suite of semantic technologies that are able to transform privacy knowledge between levels (national judiciary domain, institutional domain, personal domain, tools, contracts)? What series of self-contained and useful apps could be developed that proves key ideas of overall solution? Alert app, monitoring activity and triggering reflection on privacy? Self-storage solutions, moving data sharing control more towards user? Negotiation simulation app, using context trigger data and privacy policy ontologies.