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Table 4 Attention: mediation recommendations for interactive serious games

From: Mediation criteria for interactive serious games aimed at improving learning in children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)

Attention: mediation recommendations The game requires a mediator
M1/Instructions should be clear.  
M1/It is important to verify that children have understood the instructions and can tell you what they have to do. x
M1/Ask questions to help children focus their attention.  
M2/Ask questions to help children understand the context.  
M2/Ask questions about the new principles that children have connected with their past experience. x
M3/Adapt tasks in line with the children’s age and experience.  
M3/Cheer up.  
M3/Ask how they made their decisions and how they validated their hypothesis. x
M3/Ask children how they make inferences and come to conclusions. x
M3/Ask about their degree of satisfaction with the result x
M3/Value a proper answer positively  
M3/If the answer is not correct, ask children what they would do if they had to repeat the task  
M3/After the children have thought about an alternative, give them the option to test it.