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Table 5 Planning: mediation recommendations for interactive serious games

From: Mediation criteria for interactive serious games aimed at improving learning in children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)

Planning: mediation recommendations The game requires a mediator
M4/Ask children why.  
M4/Ask children what they think about precision and what it means. x
M5/Ask about the causes and their relation with consequences. x
M6/Encourage children to think aloud. x
M6/Ask what they would do differently and about other ways to solve the problem.  
M7/Ask children to justify their answers.  
M7/Ask children to explain the difference between their responses and those of other children. x
M8/Ask them about the object of the game.  
M8/Ask them about the strategies used to achieve the object of the game.  
M9/Ask children to tell you what new things they have done and what they have created.  
M9/Ask children to compare with others in order to discover what is new in their answers, and to accept changes. x
M9/Ask children what new principles could apply to new situations. x
M10/Ask children about the classification and what this classification implies.  
M10/Ask children about other possible classifications or criteria. x
M11/Ask children about the results that they expect.  
M11/Congratulate children when they answer correctly.  
M11/Encourage children when they answer incorrectly.