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Table 1 Evaluation of sample student response

From: Geneticus Investigatio: a technology-enhanced learning environment for scaffolding complex learning in genetics

Rubric item Student’s response in post-test Researcher’s comments based on the rubrics Score (0–3)
Is able to understand the breeding context and corresponding hypothesis This is a reasonable hypothesis because it has an independent variable which is the alleles for the two characters (genotype) and the dependent variable which is the phenotype. The phenotypic difference is dependent on the allele composition and are assorting independently. Physical quantities which will be measured are flower colour (red/white) States the physical quantities and describes its relationship to the hypothesis 3
We will measure phenotype (flower colour) which is based on genotype The physical quantity mentioned is relevant but does not describe specific values and partially describes the relation with hypothesis 2
It has both independent and dependent variable. Partially describes the relation with the hypothesis 1
Is able to transfer to a new context by generalising what is to be done for a similar problem I will identify the characteristics of the organism to be investigated, identify hypothesis and its different parts, design breeding experiment based on hypothesis, predict the result of experiment, and statistically compare, then, decide about the hypothesis. Discusses the steps and sub-steps for solving similar problems. 3
I will start with defining the problem, performing experiment, evaluating, and concluding Relevant steps are mentioned but the sub-steps are missing 2
Understand the problem by identifying genotypes An attempt is made but describes specific step 1