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Table 2 Doubt sentic patterns type and its associated sentic patterns

From: Automated doubt identification from informal reflections through hybrid sentic patterns and machine learning approach

Doubt sentic pattern type Sentic patterns*
Questioning Why [do|does] [pronoun], how to, how [do|does] [pronoun], how [pronoun] [say|use|ask], [can|could] [pronoun] [say|use|ask], [pronoun] thought, is there anyway else, [will|would] it be right to [say|use|ask]
Confirming Does—mean, will—mean, how—differ, what—differ, is—same
Affirming Confus (confuse), lost, troubl (trouble), unclear, complex, unsur (unsure), wrong, doubt, cheem^
Clarifying Explan (explanation), explain, refresh, recap, wonder, clarifi (clarify), curious, revis (revision)
Dissenting Sure, understand, understood, abl (able), know
  1. *Stemmed word is used, and word in () represents the intended candidate term
  2. ^Localized expression denoting “complex”