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Table 1 A brief description of the WebQuest designed for the study

From: Exploring EFL learners’ inferential reading comprehension skills through a flipped classroom

Section Activity  
Introduction The learners were familiarized with inferential reading skills (i.e., combine ideas, draw conclusions, interpret and infer information) and IELTS academic reading tasks.  
Task The required information about the learners’ expected performance in doing the tasks regarding the inferential reading skills was explained.
Process Necessary guidelines for thinking critically about the tasks and completing the IELTS academic reading tasks were provided. The required steps for collaboration and sharing information in doing the tasks were discussed.
Evaluation The inferential reading skills were assessed by IELTS reading band descriptors. The required information about the assessment process was given to the learners before they began doing the tasks.
Conclusion In the end, the learners were reinforced that the WebQuest could improve their reading comprehension skills in general and inferential reading skills in IELTS academic reading tasks in particular.
  1. To view the WebQuest, follow this link: