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Table 3 Distribution of humor elements by subjects

From: The educational power of humor on student engagement in online learning environments

Topics Humor elements
Attention Recall Feedback Humor break
Basic concepts H1: animation H2: image + caricature
H3: caricature + humorous text
H4: exaggerated applause H5: funny visual for programming
Variables and data types H6: animation video H7: image
H8: pun
  H9: humorous text
Input/output overview H10: analogy
H11: pun
H12: humorous text   H13: irony + animation
Output (application example) H14: humorous dialog H15: accent   H16: funny photo + gif
Input (application example) H17: irony + animated character H18: animated character   H19: funny photo + gif
Input/output statements reminder H20: video + image H21: humorous text   
Selection structure overview H22: short humorous video + image H23: video narration   H24: corny joke + movie section
Selection structure H25: gif H26: humorous text + irony H27: podcast with funny movie line M28: image + gif
Loop structure H29: caricature + funny visual for programming
H30: video
H31: humorous podcast + video H32: podcast with funny movie line H33: photo + irony
Arrays overview H34: animation video + humorous text M35: animation video + humorous text   
One-dimensional arrays H36: caricature H37: image
H38: humorous text
H39: podcast with funny movie line H40: caricature + humorous quotations