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Table 2 The eligibility criteria list adapted from (Gersten et al. 2005)

From: A novel framework for integrating social media as cooperative learning tool in higher education’s classrooms

Essential quality indicators Check
1. Is the conceptualization based on well-designed studies and does it reflect the scope of extant knowledge?  
2. If an innovative approach is proposed, is it based on a sound conceptualization formed from sound research?  
3. Are the research questions appropriate and stated clearly for the purposes of this study? Are valid arguments supporting the nature of intervention in the comparison group(s) presented?  
4. Will appropriate procedures be used to ensure that participants are comparable across intervention conditions on relevant characteristics?  
5. Is the intervention clearly described?  
6. Are procedures for ensuring and assessing fidelity of implementation described?  
7. Is the nature of instruction provided in comparison conditions described?  
8. Is evidence of reliability for the outcome measures provided? If not, will it be calculated?  
9. Are the data analysis techniques appropriate and linked to key research questions and hypotheses?  
10. Were outcomes for capturing the intervention’s effect measured at the appropriate times?