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Table 2 Description of events generated in PP

From: The incubation effect among students playing an educational game for physics

Event category Event Description
Menu Events Game Start (time, server time, session id, user id) When player successfully logs in to the game
Menu Events Game end (time) When the player exits/closes the game
Crash Recovery (time, server time) Marks a point in the log where the game was restarted from a crash
Menu focus (time) When the main menu switches focus to a new playground or level; records level and playground
Level Events Level Start (time, level) When the player starts a level
Level End (time, badge) When the player exits the level
Level Pause (time, elapsed time) When the player pauses the game
Level Restart (time) When the player restarts the level without exiting from it; no decision yet whether the level is solved or not
Play Events Draw Freeform/Pin/Rope (time, elapsed) When the player draws a freeform object, pin, or rope; records dimension and position of object
Erase (time, object id) When the player erases a freeform, pin, or rope object
Lost (time, object id) When an object drops off the play area
Nudge (time, direction) When the ball is clicked to nudge it
Click (time, button, position) When the player clicks on the screen in a way that has no effect on the game
Collision (time, objects, position) When two objects begin to touch
Agent Events Pendulum Object (time, strength) When an object rotates on a single pin
Pendulum Strike (time, strength) When a pendulum object strikes the ball causing it to move some distance; records rotation ball movement
Lever (time, strength) When a player draws an object that falls on another object, which in turn rotates on a fulcrum to launch the ball
Springboard (time, strength) When a player draws an object that is attached to 2 or more pins and rotates to propel the ball upward
Ramp (time, elapsed, movement) When the ball rolls along an object across the screen
Pulldown (time, elapsed, movement, pin count) When a player draws an object attached to another object by pin(s) and the objects fall down some distance
Stacking (time) When a player draws objects through the ball to move it up
Diver (time, distance) When a player draws objects that fall and hit the ball thus propelling it