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Table 7 Survey results of learners’ perception of the e-Learning framework with the support from computer-aided analysis and hierarchical visualization

From: Delivery and evaluation of an e-Learning framework through computer-aided analysis of learners’ reflection text in a teacher development course

Item Mean S.D.
Provides useful information from all participants for my understanding of e-Learning 4.452 0.498
Enables me to have a better understanding of e-Learning 4.419 0.493
Empowers me to explore the meaning of e-Learning with this tool 4.387 0.549
Provides an opportunity for me to reflect my understanding of e-Learning 4.323 0.467
Arouses my attention to the understanding of e-Learning 4.258 0.438
Enables me to interact more with my lecturer 4.258 0.438
Enables me to have more interaction with my learning peers 4.226 0.489
Enlightens me to have one more study method and skill 4.161 0.447
Empowers my control over learning 4.097 0.530
Increases my learning motivation 4.065 0.669
  1. Note: 5 = Strongly agree, 4 = Agree, 3 = Neutral, 2 = Disagree, 1 = Strongly disagree