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Table 2 Discursive themes

From: Compulsory coding in education: liberal-humanism, Baudrillard and the ‘problem’ of abstraction

Shared themes Yes case-only themes No case-only themes
• The purpose of learning and education Biological/brain Esoteric/little use
• Moral concerns Fear How I really learned programming
• Overstating the easiness of learning to program Fix own things Not everyone can code
• Personal/individual benefits Urgency Screen time
• Economic benefits   
• Ubiquity of computers and coding
• Ability to fix one’s computer-related problems
• Thinking skills and creativity
• Computational participation
• Career benefits
• Crowded curriculum
• Historical parallels
• Student ages
• Spill-over/transference
• Technologies/languages
• Other school subjects
• Social justice
• The times
• Technology creators
• Literacy
• Engaging artificial intelligence/computers/robots