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Table 3 Themes and respective sample excerpts

From: Geneticus Investigatio: a technology-enhanced learning environment for scaffolding complex learning in genetics

Perception of usefulness of GI
Q1. What features of the GI did you find most useful?
S. No. Theme An instance of response from participants artefacts
A Interactive video ‘….interactive video sessions…conceptual information in the video’
B Question prompts ‘... Questions that were between the videos….’
C Drag and drop activity ‘….the way it taught each and every detail about the experiment...’
D Domain of genetics ‘….solving problem of mendelian inheritance…Mendel experiments…..’
Perception of usability of GI
Q2. After interacting with GI, I learned something which I consider to be valuable. GI is valuable for ….
Q3. How do you plan to use the knowledge you obtained from this online workshop in other topic/subjects or anywhere else? Please explain briefly
S. No. Theme (learning of …) An instance of response from participants artefacts
A Complex cognitive processes ‘… i will use this in other fields of biology and if possible then in science…topics which can be covered are an example..circulation, respiration, etc.….’
B Genetics concepts ‘….I would like to research more on the genetic crossing, alleles, Mendel’s theory of crossing and would like to implement the same in other fields…’
C Statistical concepts ‘…would use in the biostatistics….’ ‘by doing sums online and in chi-square test’
D In advance studies ‘…..learners who are graduates or even under-graduation…for further education….’
Q4. What features of the GI did you find challenging/frustrating?
Q5: What challenges did you face during the whole duration of this online workshop?
S. No. Theme (difficulty in...) An instance of response from participants artefacts
A Predicting the result of an experiment ‘making ratio’ ‘toggling between options’ ‘punnet square’
B Calculating the chi-square value ‘calculation of sum’ ‘chi-square statistics’
C Understanding parts of the hypothesis ‘solving the hypothesis questions’ ‘understanding hypothesis’ ‘I was unable to understand the question’