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Table 1 List of learning contexts and learning strategies

From: E-book of metacognitive learning strategies: design and implementation to activate student’s self-regulation

For each of the following learning context (left columns), please mark how frequently you used learning strategies (right columns, shaded). Always = 4, Often = 3, Sometimes = 2, Once = 1
1 In the science philosophy course, the lecturer discusses the philosophy of science and will give a quiz at the end of the lesson. What specific methods can help you understand and remember the discussion material? Recheck assignments
Create a writing outline
Make a study schedule
Search over the Internet
Make material notes
Turn off the handphone to focus
Read material over and over
Ask others for help
Review previous exams
Reread notes
Study power point materials from lecturer
2 The lecturer gives the task to write a short paper on cognitive development. Paper work is done outside of class hours and grades will be accumulated for semester scores. What methods will make it easier for you to plan and finish your paper well?
3 What specific methods do you use to complete course assignments?
4 All lecturers provide final examinations to determine your GPA. What methods do you use to get good grades?
5 Many students are complacent in completing assignments so that the work is not optimal. This is because many students prefer to watch movies, surf on social media, or play games when they have free times. What tricks do you use to be more motivated to complete the assignments?
6 Some students think that it is better to do class assignments at home or in a boarding house, as well as prepare for the next lecture. What tricks do you use to improve the quality of studying at home or boarding house?