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Table 3 The results of the student’s responses on the use of e-Book of metacognitive learning strategies

From: E-book of metacognitive learning strategies: design and implementation to activate student’s self-regulation

No. Questions Percentage of positive responses (%)
1. Is the layout of the e-Book of metacognitive learning strategies attractive? 100
2. Are there any instructions explaining the characteristics of the e-Book and its features? 100
3. Can the existence of videos help you understand the contents of the e-Book? 93.3
4. Does the material order of the e-Book make it easier to understand the contents? 100
5. Is the language in the e-Book informative and easy to understand? 93.3
6. Is the language in the e-Book progressive (the material is presented more extensive)? 80
7. Does the material presented stimulate curiosity? 100
8. Does the table of contents work properly (clickable to go to a specific section)? 100
9. Do the features of Before You Read, Read to Learn, After You Read along with the reflection train your metacognitive skills? 100
10. Can the Meta Net feature add information to your metacognitive learning strategies? 93.3
11. Can hyperlinks on the Meta Net features work properly when connected to the internet? 93.3
12. Can the tips feature make it easier to learn about metacognitive learning strategies? 100
13. Is this e-Book easy to use both online and offline? 100
14. Does this e-Book make you more motivated in learning metacognitive strategies? 100
15. Overall, is this e-Book good? 100
Average 97