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Table 1 Common findings of SM’s challenges and drawbacks in education

From: A novel framework for integrating social media as cooperative learning tool in higher education’s classrooms

SM’s challenges and drawbacks Sources
1. Personal privacy Alkis et al. (2017), Au and Lam (2015), and Chugh and Ruhi (2018)
2. Ambiguity concerns Balakrishnan (2017), Fenwick (2016), and Novakovich et al. (2017)
3. Technical barriers Bahati (2015), Harran and Olamijulo (2014), and Sobaih et al. (2016)
4. Workload concerns Junco and Cotten (2012), Pearce and Learmonth (2016), and Rowan-Kenyon and Alemán (2016)