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Table 8 Focus group interview results of learners’ perception of the e-Learning framework with the support of computer-aided analysis and hierarchical visualization

From: Delivery and evaluation of an e-Learning framework through computer-aided analysis of learners’ reflection text in a teacher development course

  Major feedback from learners’ focus group interview
Changes in the understanding of e-Learning The visualization showed a concrete and easy-to-read framework of e-Learning for learners to enhance their understanding of e-Learning in school education.
By viewing the hierarchical visualization of the pre-teaching reflection, learners could reflect their individual understanding of e-Learning in the teacher development course.
The visualization allowed learners to compare their individual reflection with their classmates’ reflections for understanding more about e-Learning.
Suggestions for the hierarchical visualization support The learners suggested that an option button could be designed to add pre-teaching reflection for their use in writing their post-teaching reflection.
The learners suggested that a more convenient way of showing keywords should be developed for displaying keyword names across different layers.