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Table 2 Overview of tactics and S2R task phases in the data set

From: The relational, co-temporal, contemporaneous, and longitudinal dynamics of self-regulation for academic writing

Tactics in the S2R model Short label SRL task phase
Students sharing stories, tips and tricks about academic, cultural, social, psychological and linguistic challenges they face Acculturating Strategic forethought
Students planning the next steps in their writing or learning trajectory and implementing those plans Planning
Students discussing and familiarising themselves with goals, objectives/requirements of the course and tasks Organising
Students discussing vocabulary, jargon, grammar and textual structure while writing essays Writing text Strategic performance
Students discussing topics / thesis statements for their essays, and discussing reasoning and logic of their (counter-)arguments Writing arguments
Students sharing, discussing and evaluating resources provided by the university and by the peer group Using resources
Students talking about hobbies, free time and leisure Social bonding
Students expressing positive feelings towards their peers, acknowledging their work and thanking them Acknowledging
Students discussing and applying feedback they received from the teacher or from their peers Applying feedback
Students discussing the purpose and organisation of the course, the tasks and the peer collaboration Reflecting Strategic reflection and evaluation