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Table 1 Recent internationalization of the CLES questionnaires

From: The cross-cultural validation of the technology-enhanced social constructivist learning environment questionnaire in the Iraqi Kurdistan Region

Country Language Methods Teaching classroom Authors
Australia English Quantitative & Qualitative Science studying (Taylor et al., 1997)
Korea Korean Quantitative Science Teaching (Kim et al., 1999)
   Quantitative & Qualitative Science Teaching (Lee & Taylor, 2001; Uk, 2001)
Singapore English Quantitative & Qualitative English Teaching (Wilks, 2000)
Australia and Taiwan English and Mandarin Quantitative & Qualitative Science Teaching (Aldridge et al., 2000)
Australia English Quantitative & Qualitative Information technology (Maor & Fraser, 2005)
South Africa English Quantitative, Qualitative & experiment Mathematics Teaching (Aldridge et al., 2004)
USA English Quantitative Science Teaching (Johnson & McClure, 2004)
USA English Quantitative & Qualitative Science Teaching (Nix & Fraser, 2011; Nix et al., 2005)
USA English and Spanish Quantitative Science classroom (Peiro & Fraser, 2009)
Turkey Turkish Quantitative   (Anagün & Anilan, 2010)
Malaysia English Quantitative Information technology (Sultan et al., 2011)
Singapore English Quantitative Science classes (Peer & Fraser, 2015)
South Africa Afrikaans and isiXhosa Quantitative & Qualitative Science Teaching (Luckay & Laugksch, 2015)