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Table 1 Students' interest towards mathematics

From: Relationship between interest and mathematics performance in a technology-enhanced learning context in Malaysia

ItemsNot at all true of meNot true of meSomewhat not true of meNot sureSomewhat true of meTrue of meVery true of me
1I like to answer questions in mathematics class.12.50025.0922.51230.01025.0615.0
2I like mathematics.0012.512.5717.5820.01230.01127.5
3I am interested in mathematics.000012.5717.51332.5922.51025.0
4Knowing a lot about mathematics is helpful.00000012.51127.51127.51742.5
5I feel happy when it comes to working on mathematics.0012.512.51640.01025.0615.0615.0
6I want to know all about how to do mathematics problems.00000025.01025.01025.01845.0
7I am excited when a new mathematics topic is announced.0000001127.51230.0717.51025.0
8I want to learn more about mathematics.000000512.51127.5922.51537.5
9I choose to work on mathematics.25.0000025.01230.0717.51742.5
10I want to know all about mathematics.12.50000820.0820.01332.51025.0
11I am wasting my time on mathematics.12.50037.51127.537.5717.51537.5
12I am bored when working on mathematics25.012.5410.01127.5717.5512.51025.0
13I would rather be working on something else besides mathematics.12.5717.5615.01025.0717.5615.037.5
14I give up easily when working on mathematics.717.500717.5615.0717.537.51025.0
15When working on mathematics, I want to stop and start working on something else.410.012.5410.01537.5410.0820.0410.0
16I am always thinking of other things when working on mathematics.512.5410.0410.01025.0820.0512.5410.0
17I get mad easily when working on mathematics.512.5512.537.51025.0820.037.5615.0
18I have difficulty paying attention when working on mathematics.512.5410.0615.0922.5922.537.5410.0
19I spend as little time as possible working on mathematics.717.5512.5820.0820.0615.025.0410.0
20I struggle with mathematics.922.5410.01025.01025.0410.00037.5
21I work more mathematics problems than I love to.12.512.5512.52050.0717.5410.025.0
22I spend many hours working on mathematics.37.5410.0410.01230.0717.537.5717.5
23I work on mathematics in my spare time.37.512.5820.0922.51127.5512.537.5
24I want to talk about mathematics with my friends.0025.012.5615.0717.51025.01435.0
25I spend more time than my classmates working on mathematics.410.0410.0717.51332.5512.5410.037.5
26I prefer easy mathematics over mathematics that is hard.1742.5410.0717.5615.0410.012.512.5
27I am too involved in mathematics.37.525.0410.02152.5615.025.025.0