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Table 2 Results of competing models of study variables

From: Nurture interest-driven creators in programmable robotics education: an empirical investigation in primary school settings

Four-factor models:
 M0 (default model)224.39593.
Three-factor models:
 M1 (triggering and immersing)491.26627.
 M2 (triggering and extending)377.61626.
 M3 (triggering and creation)355.62625.
 M4 (immersing and extending)502.61628.
 M5 (immersing and creation)482.20627.
 M6 (extending and creation)247.84624.
Two-factor models:
 M7 (triggering and immersing + extending and creation)514.67648.
 M8 (triggering and extending + immersing and creation)626.55649.
 M9 (triggering and creation + immersing and extending)623.19649.
 M10 (triggering and immersing and extending)642.156410.
 M11 (triggering and immersing and creation)614.39649.
 M12 (triggering and extending and creation)407.60646.
 M13 (immersing and extending and creation)534.29648.
One-factor models:
M14 (single factor model)678.766510.
  1. Triggering triggering interest, Immersing immersing interest, Extending extending interest, Creation robotic creation